Centric elements for final machining of workpieces in a single working cycle
without the need to reposition the workpiece again in the fixture, which helps to reduce faults and downtimes.

Many parts are usually machined in several phases. Final machining often requires
repositioning of the workpieces, which inevitably reduces productivity, so that more machines with appropriate equipment are necessary in order to achieve the
requested number of pieces.
The resulting investment cost increase the production costs and affect the competitiveness in an increasingly aggressive market environment.
As HYDROBLOCK has always been committed to supporting its customers in the solution of upcoming production problems, we have continuously invested in new products in order to optimize clamping and machining cycles, avoid downtimes and improve cutting and machining parameters.

Please contact HYDROBLOCK for more detailed information on mounting dimensions and seats.

This cylinder version can be delivered with customized mounting dimensions
and in tailored configurations. It is suitable for machining a wide range of diameters and ensures stable clamping at a force adapted to the specific requirements and a flexible working stroke that can be adjusted during machining. Please contact HYDROBLOCK for more detailed information on the available versions of this cylinder type.

The CCL centric element allows new machining solutions to be implemented in the fixtures and thus enhances our customer’s productivity.

The workpiece to be machined is clamped in the usual way in the fixture for the first machining phase. The CCL element for axial machining (diameter “D”) must be placed so that the bolts are aligned relative to the centre line of the workpiece during the advance motion. Now, the final diameter machining of the workpiece is performed as with conventional machining processes.
After having machined the diameter “D” in the appropriate position, the cylinder is pressurized and extended up to the limit stop

Ød = diameter unmachined
ØD = diameter machined
A = Path of the cutting tool